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Why Its Not Possible to Install Vista By Booting from DVD with a 256MB


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One cannot install vista on a system with a 256MB of RAM by booting from the DVD even after applying the so called 512MB Limit patch and the reason is:

- the file which is patched also resides in the the boot.wim.

so when the dvd is booted the setup uses the file from the boot.wim and not the patched one.

- even if that is patched it will not be usefull as the boot.wim which is a winpe image, when

booted gets expanded to a ramdrive and it needs around 350MB of ram to fit in.

So, the solution is either to reduce the size of boot.wim, or better to upgrade the ram.

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I can not wait for the next version then Nuhi..good job..although i must say that i reinstalled win xp and deleted Win vista Lite version i made..instead i made a win xp Lite version with Nlite and i have a race machine now with my Gericom webgine pentium3 with 375mb ram..althoug vista run fine xp lite is even nicer.. i will continue creating vista lite iso's thanks to Vlite Program..but i wont install on a pc with less then 512mb ram'cause i allready did that and that feeling is now sattisfied..but we must keep in mind that time goes on and memory is very needed to run a system with windows vista..one start to get bored like the old days when waiting was the biggest part of working with computers!.

But for one that really want to test vista its good that its possible to run Vista aswel with less then 512mb..

Good work Software gods !!!

Cheers Puck

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