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Folders Created And Issues Removing Them


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I have no idea why you are getting those folders but i have a very simple way to remove the folders

Download winfile

In winfile highlight the folder you want to delete, then in the Security menu click on Permissions. Make sure it has the right permissions and click ok. If it asks you if you want to take ownership of every file say yes. In about 30 seconds all the folders will have good ntfs permission and you can delete them. Winfile is so useful is install it by default.


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Gosh -

I was getting excited and thought yes this will do it.

I run through exactly as it says yet It still says access denied!!!

I chnage the permissions to `full` include subfolders but it says `cant continue access denied`

Can post a screenshot if needed but dont think will help

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So happy I could s*** :-)))))))

Gosh - I used your file but instead of changing perms on security I first selected

`security - owner`

It allowed me to take ownership and THEN it allowed me to bin them ha!!!

Thank you so much for removing a REAL headache :D

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