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Activate Partition after ghosting to write Sysprep


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I am attempting to write to the drive after I've loaded the image on it. I need to write to the sysprep file and the registry.

I am using WinPE2005 and Ghost 8.2.

After creating the image, I use WinPE to deploy it with the following line:

ghost32.exe -clone,mode=load,src=S:\CSIimage.gho,dst=1 -sure -quiet -auto -fx

The problem is that DiskPart won't recognize the drive until I reboot. This prevents my VBS script from working, so I can't get HAL recognition.

Am I using the wrong Ghost parameters?

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I don't use ghost, but I can say that it isn't diskpart that isn't letting recognize the partition or data. I use diskpart, and lay down my image with imgdeploy or imagex and I can access the data right away.

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Yea, I am guessing it ghost. I just am not sure why.


I've been doing a Disk to Image and then Image to Disk clone/restore process. Maybe a partition to image and then image to disk?

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Why use Ghost when ImageX is available with WinPE?

I do a PXE boot, partition, format, apply, reboot and minisetup in under 8 minutes with WinPE and ImageX, given that, I would need a lot of very good reasons to use ghost.

All you need to do is apply your with ghost, reboot and capture the image with ImageX, then you can loose Ghost for good.

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Another great feature of imagex is single instance storage. As an example, I have 45+ images that have to be maintained, that take up around 90 gigs of space or so. Using Imagex, I have that down under 10 gigs.

And if you plan on using Vista or Longhorn when it comes out, your going to be using imagex anyway.

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It's your ghost that's having problems.

Im using pqideploy wich is also sectorbased (just like ghost) and it works.

I load my image, use sysprep to find the new drive and give it a drive letter. Finally i do modify my sysprep.inf with hal information

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You can mount the drive after you have ghosted to it as thats the way we have beiung doing it for years.

We are moving over to imageX but some of the older images are done this way.

We started using this scrpt on ghost 8.0 now are using 8.3 but it all works.

Our Ghost script

u:\GHOST32 -CLONE,MODE=LOAD,SRC=q:\image\image\image.GHO,DST=1  -sze2=f -SURE -fx -fdsp
if not errorlevel 1 goto end

call mount.bat

My mount command

diskpart /s diskpart.txt
copy u:\winbom.ini c:\sysprep\
copy u:\copier.bat c:\sysprep\
copy u:\wait.bat c:\sysprep\

My Diskpart Script

select disk 0
select partition 1
assign letter=c

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@ ubernerd

Imagex is fine but when you apply a Vista image to 40 machines, you can wait a long time.

Ghost can multicast.

Or have i overlook something ?

Vista content with software 9 GB

Doing it with ghost multicast 9 GB

Doing it with imagex 9 GB * 40 = 360 GB

To transfer 360 GB over network takes a long time

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A few people here use Imagex so i have a question to you

Do you get the same error when you deploy XP or Win2003 Images through Imagex ?

Does anybody have a trick for that ?

Or do all people ignore this message ?

please see this link here


Would be very nice if you can give me a short statement :rolleyes:

Greeting kyor

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I'm trying again.

I just recreated the entire image. I restructed the OEMpnpdrivers folder and I'm testing it today.

Do you guys image the partition, or the whole hard drive...thats still my question about this

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We always image the whole drive but we deploy images to hundreds of systems each day. If the system has a data partition which requires to be left intact then image just the partition.

The only utility I know of that will write to a partition after ghost is pq addendum from powerquest but it's not cheap. Why can't you use diskpart to rescan the drives after ghost has exited? I use it as default.

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