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  1. This is a copy of the file that I use as my recovery. if you use this and the WINREConfig.xml file this will add the bottom option to the recovery screen. My recovery exe. doesn't actually do anything all it does is call a batch file called recovery.bat so you can from that launch anything you want but it made it easier for me to change what I had done at any time as I cannot write executables. I did use autoit though and launched a conferm yes/no box and then called imagex to software the drive. Hope this is of some help to someone. Robbo recovery.zip
  2. trinitegq Here is a copy of my winreconfig.xml file that I use to add the recovery option to the recovery menu. WINREConfig.xml <Recovery> <RecoveryTools> <RelativeFilePath>OEG\recovery.exe</RelativeFilePath> </RecoveryTools> </Recovery> The file is found under \sources\recovery\tools The reletive file path is where this file is stored so my exe in this case is in \sources\recovery\tools\oeg\recovery.exe as it states in the microsoft documets WINRE The logo and description must be in the exe file as thats where it is extracted from I used a basic compiler to create my exe, think I used QuickBFCbut it was some time ago so cannot remember. hope this helps somewhat. Robbo
  3. IF you follow the instructions that are set out in the WINDOWS OEM Prinstallation KIT (Windows OPK) User's Guide. They are listed under Walkthrough: Build a Windows Recovery Solution. I have followed this set of instructions and my copy of WinRE works fine. I have also added a Icon to the default menu that launches a copy of ImageX and restores the image to a backup I have contained within the WINRE partition. I know I am referancing to the OPK docs but I would assume that the same docs are included within the WAIK as there is little difference between them.
  4. Imagex

    Fizban: I did use Winpe 2.0 bootting from WDS and captured the image but it just didn't work. I have also tried in a the normall WINPE that we use on our network this is the WINPE Built off XPSP2 cannot remeber the proper version munber. The exact same thing I do works fine with windows XP just not Vista although I am sure I had it working on one of the Beta's fine just not on the RMT version. Will set up another machine and try again incase there is somthing funny with the machine I used.
  5. Imagex

    Help, I have a problem with ImageX. I have used WDS to deploy a image to a machine fine but I now want to capture the image and deploy to other machines. From what I can see in the OPK info you can capture a image with ImageX and then just apply it with imgageX inot another machine. So far I have: Captured the image: Imagex /capture c: \\network\image.wim "myimage" On the second machine: Diskpart select disk 0 create partition primary assin letter c: format fs:ntfs quick active The ran imagex /apply \\netowrk\image.wim 1 c: When I reboot I jsut get a flashing cursor when ther machine should boot as if there are no boot files. What am I doing wrong? I have even tried bootsect.exe to re-apply the MBR but still nothing. Have I done somthing really stupid? Robbo
  6. Is there anyway of quiting the windows install before it reboots when using a autounattend.xml I have scripts that run on our network that test the machine the pull down the image and then install the correct drivers + applications from a bill of meterials for that machine. I know I can get things to run as part of the Setup but I would like to quit the setup and run the rest of my scripts and then reboot the machine myself for it to then finnish the setup. Is this possible or will I have to change all my previous scripts to fit in with the new windows way. I would rarther use a full windows installed rather than a Imagex Image. Regards, Robbo
  7. Activate Partition after ghosting to write Sysprep

    You can mount the drive after you have ghosted to it as thats the way we have beiung doing it for years. We are moving over to imageX but some of the older images are done this way. We started using this scrpt on ghost 8.0 now are using 8.3 but it all works. Our Ghost script u:\GHOST32 -CLONE,MODE=LOAD,SRC=q:\image\image\image.GHO,DST=1 -sze2=f -SURE -fx -fdsp if not errorlevel 1 goto end y: echo GHOST FAILED TO COPY IMAGE! > SKIPFAIL.TXT exit :end u: call mount.bat y: My mount command diskpart /s diskpart.txt copy u:\winbom.ini c:\sysprep\ copy u:\copier.bat c:\sysprep\ copy u:\wait.bat c:\sysprep\ My Diskpart Script select disk 0 select partition 1 assign letter=c
  8. WinPE2 Volume ID's

    I have the same problem with card readers as they already use the C: if the HDD is blank. As a temporary solution I have used a Script that removes all the drive letters in Diskpart so I can ther assign the C: drive letter to the HDD. Select volume 0 remove noerr select volume 1 remove noerr select volume 2 remove noerr select volume 3 remove noerr select volume 4 remove noerr select disk 0 clean select disk 0 create partition primary size=20000 active assign letter c: create partition primary size=%partsize% assign letter d: create partition primary assign letter e: Select Volume 0 Assign Letter f: exit
  9. Password Protect PE

    It doesn't matter about people reading whats on PE its hidden in a EISA partition on the HDD and booted by a keystroke to recover the O/S unfortunatly some people know how to activte the PE partition and are recovering machines to wipe them. I want to stop this and thought if I could get PE to prompt for a Password that would be best.
  10. Password Protect PE

    Hi, I have a rocovery solution that uses a WINPE to recover the software back to a default setting. I want ot password protect the PE so it can not be run without a Password. Is there anything I can use to atchive this. I have looked all round the site and can only find references to BartPE but I am using WINPE 1.6. I thaought SECSCR might work but it doesn't run under my copy of WINPE iis there anything else I can do. Regards, Robbo
  11. I have tried doing this and still have no joy. I have done the imagex /info command to find all the images contained in my wim file but am having trouble getting that into my autounattended.xml. Where should it be. in the list as I have tried adding it in manually and it doesn't work and cannot figure on how to add in the windows system Image manager that comes with the OPK tools.