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Vista Ultimate Maxi-Lite


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All nerveus now cause in the other room i have my Toshiba Sattelite P3 1000Mhz with 240Mb ram availaible...installing Windows Vista Ultimate now bypassing the memory check it performs to see if the computer has at least 512mb ram available.

(although i dont understand ..why my Gericom 1100mhz with 375mb ram ..never had that remark about to low on memory)...

The set up has to be done from another windows installation so you have to copy your modified files by V-LITE , to your harddisk.

When the installation files are copied to your harddisk..another partition would be cool aswel..then you have to run the crack called vista_nomem ..then select the winsetup.dll located in the just copied installation files on your harddisk ..look in the folder "sources" and select to show all files in the crack browse menu..

Then select the winsetup.dll and apply..it will say wrong file..bad format..then click restore and then crack again..the patch will be applied then and you are ready to start the set up straight from your harddrive..a cool thing for a low on recources computer..well low is just a mather of saying , i mean low for Vista ..but not for V-lite modified Install Cd


All files are now installed and the Sattelite is getting ready to start for the first time..

It seems to be possible..

More repport Later ..


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All systems stable and running..it worked and i,m suprised i have 239mb ram and it runs good and i,m not having the feeling i,m on a old pc waisting my time..

This test is the start of a new adventure for all old retired pentium 3 !!!

I,m wondering what you people think of this test?

Need any help?

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P4 with 512mb ram should be more then enough to run this light version compilated by Vlite..although you might not like the simple windows classic look on it !

Important with vista is to set some setting manual..such as the space explorer will use to store data..i set it to minimum 8mb..trashcan delete and not store files ..and then ofcourse a good firewall ...so you can see all processes to outbound..and inbound ..if i may advise in the forum..i would go for bitdefender www.bitdefender.com but the version you need is called bitdefender internet security 10 ..i have it on all my pc's..it really makes the difference..

Also disable sidebars etc..and if you run norton antivirus..becarefull norton is a big virus itselfs..

Good luck ..if you want my preset just mail me at studio48@msn.com

Cheers !

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Well the iso is made with Vlite so i think this discussion should be here at the Vlite forum and not in the regular Vista discussions..because the modified version is made only with thanks to Vlite ..and thats it..about the memory by passing..i dont want to encourage piratcy in any way..only thing i like to find out ..are the minimal requierments for windows vista and that is not a heavy pentium4 with 1 gig memory as mostly is beeing advised!

I,m busy installing windows vista maxi lite on a compaq 1750 pentium2 with 196mb ram..

More repport later ...


By the way the pictures i posted are just me..taking a alcohol test by the police..while i did not drink..so i,m not drunk people...:P

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The reading and install went fine on the pentium2 400mhz with 196 mb but......

When the installation restarted - i get the Bill Gates Bluescreen and machine restarted again..i think the memory is either not good for Vista or it sees the bad sector on an other partition on the same harddisk..although i think its the memory cause XP installes just fine on the same partition i tried to install Vista to !!!

I guess thats the end of the Pentium 2 test ...i know the absolute minimals now i guess !

\Good luck testers !

Although i should have 2 laptops p3 500mhz somewere in the house so i think ill see what a 500mhz will do with my lite version of Vista !

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Lol hahah i was getting checked by the dutch police to see if i had alcohol in my blood..good they did not do the THC test lmao..just kiddin..

Just found 256 mb extra for the satellite and i have 375 mb-5=370 mb ram to run Vista lite and i must say it really made the difference..its twice as fast now and startup procedure takes about 1 minute including Bitdefender pro 10 internet security to startup and be ready to use..1 minute is for now acceptable and it seems to run ok..i let the machine run for the last 24hrs..downloading some stuff with a torrent downloader and its still running ok..

I will search for 256 mb extra so i will have 512-5=507 mb ram available and that should be it !

If noone has something to add to this topic..it might as wel be closed ...

Cheeers !

o yea one more thing..dont expect to install microsoft office or other anoying heavy programs like norton anti virus or idiotic software that take down your recourses..make good compromises ..what to and not to install on your pc..o yea..dont install windows media player 11 ...the version 10 runs just fine..and make a copy of your windows moviemaker folder in programfiles of your old windows xp before you wipe it Because windows vista moviemaker wont run if you dont have a Vista Aproved video card If you want to use moviemaker..your old version 2.1 will work in Vista when copied from your old programfiles from previous xp installation at least it runs fine here..Windows moviemaker in Vista dont want to run on my Compaq Evo 25000mhz pc..but the 2.1 moviemaker i copied from anther win xp pc runs perfect !!!

O yea..dont install MSN8 or live messenger whatever its called..instead go for the msn7.5 version and dont update it and make sure it dont start with windows..disable it or block it with Bitdefender firewall..those things make your pc slow..be the boss of your computer and decide witch programs may or may not start up automaticly..dont let windows decide for you !!!!

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If you wanna run vista on <512 mb of ram, you may install windows vista starter, or at least, turn off the Windows defender, it will be free much resource for you :thumbup , ignore my bad english, i'm a student from indonesian.

My Comp :

Pentium !!!/550 Mhz

256 MB of RAM

Matrox MGA G200 PCI (8mb)

Sound Blaster Live !

HDD 20 + 4.3 GB (The 4.3 GB is OEM)

Windows Vista Starter, and Home Premium (Just For Testing)

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