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Dell Dimension 9200


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Hi Guys,

I've got a Dell Dimension 9200 here, that i'm trying to get some info on.

On the Mobo just blow the Power Supply Connector, theres a connector for the USB card reader.

It looks like a standard internal USB connector, but I'd like to check it out before I risk blowing the thing up. ;)

Dose anyone here know what the pin order of this connector is ?

Or know where I can find one ?


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Hi puntoMX,

Thats part of the problem. Both ASUS and Gigabyte use different configurations, which they both class as standard. This MoBo is from Foxcom, I've never used one of their MoBo's before, so I've got no guide.

But thanks for trying. :)

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Sorry puntoMX,

I didn't know they had all been standardised. :blushing:

I had a look through some of the 'Installation Guides' we have here, thats why I was worried about the pins being different.

Thanks for your help, I feel alot happy about trying this card reader now. :yes:

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