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Ludwig Von Cookie Koopa

Phone services what to choose?

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What about tomatoe vine or that vonage key thing?

I need a phone service that is like the service we had before 2001 where it was just 5, 9, 10 cents per minute like the Murphy Brown commericals said.

I was thinking about the vonage key thing and networking it off a celluar phone that has internet connection but no phone service.

The Tomatoe Vine sounds great but even at 14.95 they say 500 minutes I mean #%$#? what about 500 hours.

Why not a celluar phone? I am tired of the crappy so called deals and offers where it is $30 dollars down for blah blah minutes. The the Dorky Boost Mobile crap everywhere with custom made phones.

I mean back n the days you had a Celluar phone it might have been expensive but at least when people called you it was free.

Also all these Phone Services is no diffrent then using a Phone Dailer* program like the one bundled with AOL browsers and you could make a call while on the Internet.

Then I am confused with the idea of even having a certain amount of time to talk. If it was one month anywhere in the world then that mean even if I have I second to talk I should get that second anywhere in the world not just one month.

What I want is a regular 10 cents per minute Celluar phone service where I get charged when I call not when a person calls me or some kind of LAN service where I can plug my phone into a 56K board modem or some add-on device.

* Maybe I can use a phone dailer program like the one that was in AOL or another related program.

To be honest I hate the idea of it now. It is crazy for alot of people especially young people who get the plans and start talking and spending when regular things is looked down in there lives.

.....yada yada lets all down to a couple of these services with bricks in our hands LOL no really I hate these theiving bandits.

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