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installed in my system I have 1 gig of DDR2 PC5300 667mhz. I mistakenly bought an extra gig of DDR2 PC4300 533mhz.

In the old days when I was up to speed with computers your RAM had to be matched, the question I have is: with the advances in technology can I add this extra stick or do I need to change it for an identical type?

My motherboard is fairly new and the processor is a 3800 dual core AMD

many thanks

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If you can exchange it for an identical stick, that would better your chances of running it in dual channel, which would increase your memory bandwidth and performance. Otherwise it should work as is (maybe not in a dual channel config) but you may have to re-adjust the memory timings of the faster stick to be the same as the slower stick. I would think the Dimm voltages are the same (1.8v) with that type of memory, but if not, you may have to adjust that as well.

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