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WinMe Wordpad on W98SE

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Two questions:

Can Wordpad WinMe open Office 2000 DOC files?

If so, has anybody tried running Wordpad WinMe on W98SE?


The WinME version of Wordpad is the same version as the one included in Win98 SE. sorry, JayPea.

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as far as i know, no versions of wordpad can open word 2000 doc files

microsoft says that you should save as rtf rather than giving a solution

actually, awergh, the WinXP/2003/Vista editions of Wordpad CAN open Word 2000/2002-XP DOC files. I'm not sure about the Win98/ME editions of Wordpad. Just need to install the Word 97/2k/XP DOC converters and Wordpad (any edition except the Win95 & NT4 editions which are so weak) might open them.

Download and install the Office Converter pack [OCONVPCK.EXE] from here:


some Word 2000-specific features may not work in Wordpad but at least you'll be able to open Word 2000 DOC files in Wordpad after installing the Office Converter pack. The Office Converter pack does NOT even require an MS Office program to be installed. Be sure to install Windows Installer 2.0 as the converter pack won't install without Windows Installer.

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