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For Win2k is the RC stable enough for a production environment?

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I've been using nLite since inception and **** if it ain't more stable now than ever before; I'm still getting used to the fact that you don't have to do the old-school winnt.sif OEM routine for integrating drivers, now that you can just merge 'em into the cab. It's frankly bloody incredible, like watching a kid grow up into a man, and okay, I'm going to stop that now because I'm eventually going to make nuhi blush. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I usually use nLite 1.2 stable for any operating system that's going to be around awhile installed on one of my boxes but I don't know, RC2 is usually a nice enough classification that for my main box I'm willing to take the lumps. Any reason for my waiting around for a final build, especially since my machine's going to be running Windows 2000, or should I just roll on now?

Why I ask is because alright, long story short, I've just signed a new lease on a flat, I'm dead broke at the moment, and I'd like to halve power consumption by switching my main machine, and the only running machine, from an Athlon64 with 2GB of a DDR RAM, PCI Express, a 400 watt behemoth of a PSU to a Pentium II sweety-pie that's been always ever so dependable, a kind of old standby, something comfortable to slip into when the going gets rough, you know? And I'd like to treat her with respect and dignity and give her an OS of her very own.

Look, if I was ever in a position financially to send a few nuhi's way and buy him a pint of bitters then I'd do so, and I know that since I don't I'm in a bit of bind for asking what I consider to be a rather demanding and selfish question, but it is bordering on a month since the RC2 release and hey, I know the man's busy and all so I'm not going to sweat him, I'm not begging for a final release, I'm just curious as to thoughts on whether the one that's out now would be nice and pleasantly stable enough for a Win2k SP4 deployment. And look, this all turns out golden as Midas's daughter then alright, I'll put aside some money from the rent cashbox and **** my soul if I won't be sending a cheque or a bit of transaction through Paypal or all through the post by March's coming on. Which doesn't mean I won't anyway on account of all the other times he's given me the fine old time, and I ain't trying to slip him out one so I'm going to shut up now, because I was trying to compliment the bloke and now I think I've done and gone insulted him, makes him out a bit cheap like one on the square. Right, I shut up now. I'm not good at posting on forums, I don't usually... I'm more of a people person. This is all weird, you can't have conversations where there's all the waiting for a response, right? So pardon me if I'm a bit formal around the ears, I'm just trying to say that when this is all done with, I'm going to send nuhi all the money I can spare him and still be able to square the lander. But I don't want it to sound like I'm bribing him, or paying him off, alright, because I just feel guilty for making posts like this and never having been a donating kind of fellow, that's all.

Much obliged, y'all, for the advice,


Post Scriptum:

I'm sorry about the one swear: I didn't know it wasn't legal to say 'em. I'm not the usual behind this account to say the least, but I'd not figured on wasting space in your database for a single question so I'm just borrowing this account from a friend temporary-like. He's said it's okay so that's alright.

Post-Post Scriptum:

My apologies, I did not mean to refer to you in the third person, nuhi. I seem to be making rather a mess of this, don't I?

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