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Need help with Expression Web silent install!

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OK, I understand what you're saying now. I just checked my Expression Web install in "Uninstall a program" and choose the "Change"option --> "Add or Remove Features." Expression Web is set as "Run from my computer" and NOT "Run all from my computer." So I set it to "Run all from my computer," but when I return it still has "Run from my computer" set as the option. So I don't know. I haven't played with the program extensively so I can't say which features might be missing with the default install. Perhaps some more investigation of the config options is in order? But I'm good for now. :thumbup

Since this program uses shared Office Tools and such, I wouldn't be surprised if it can be installed WITH Office and modified using the Office Resource Kit.

@Radix below: NICE ONE! :thumbup Thank you for taking the time to investigate fully and arrive at that. I will use your modifications and post back if any issues arise, but I sure don't anticipate any. Again, excellent!

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Adding this code to config.xml:

<OptionState Id="AlwaysInstalled" State="Local" Children="force" />

<OptionState Id="Gimme_OnDemandData" State="Local" Children="force" />

<OptionState Id="ProductFiles" State="Local" Children="force" />

solved the problem. Now Expression Web 2007 is installed full.

I have used WinINSTALL LE 2003 to capture all installation.

With the above code, installation have 644 MB and without it have 613 MB.

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The installation cd I downloaded from Microsoft did not support the /Config flag. The only options I got from the setup.exe was the flag -q (quiet installation). The only problem is that when the installation was finished and you started the program the first time it asked for a serialkey!? If I install the program manually the installation do not ask for a key at all.

So had to do some digging to understand the problem.

When you install the program it makes a temp subfolder under the user that you logged in as. If you logged in as Administrator the folder would be something like this C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\XSetup_Web_2008_11_17_21_12_21 (where 2008_11_17_21_12_21 is the date and time the installation started ). In that folder the program creates about 10 new subfolders where the installation downloads files from the internet. One of these folder holds the installation that support the /Config flag. In my case the folder name was 438d1ac8_d88e_46eb_ba69_11fef34cce74 (don’t know if is the same on others computer).

But you have to copy the folder some were else before the installation is done, because it deletes the folder when it is finished. But now you have an installation point that you can use with the /Config flag. Just place the config.xml file in the root (same place as the setup.exe). If you don’t have a Config.xml file you can just use the one the program creates.

Hope this helps. It worked for me.


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This i one of the first link on google to show up when you search this topic, and I read this tread the first time about 2 days ago. I was not able to find the rigtht answer anywere else (wich I had, would have safe me alot of time), so why not post the solution here to help others that migt have the same problem?

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