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  1. This i one of the first link on google to show up when you search this topic, and I read this tread the first time about 2 days ago. I was not able to find the rigtht answer anywere else (wich I had, would have safe me alot of time), so why not post the solution here to help others that migt have the same problem?
  2. The installation cd I downloaded from Microsoft did not support the /Config flag. The only options I got from the setup.exe was the flag -q (quiet installation). The only problem is that when the installation was finished and you started the program the first time it asked for a serialkey!? If I install the program manually the installation do not ask for a key at all. So had to do some digging to understand the problem. When you install the program it makes a temp subfolder under the user that you logged in as. If you logged in as Administrator the folder would be something like this C:\Docu
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