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[HELP] Enlarge a physical partition


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I got this hand-me-down Server 2000 box that has two drives. The primary boot disk is about 20 gigs but the previous owner only made the system partition 5.13GB but I have an application partition around 13 GB. What I have done is shrinked the application partition to the 5GB and want to enlarge the primary system partition but I cannot claim the unallocated free space. I've tried GPart but that didn't work and Partition Magic doesn't work on Servers. Any other suggestions or utilities I can try, free or open source tools would be great, to enlarge by 5GB system partition to 11 GB? I am trying to prevent having to rebuild this server.


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Ghost the drive and then restore the Ghost image. When you restore the image you'll have the option of changing the partition sizes. Be sure to have a good backup before you start. I've used this method on servers before (both to increase the system partition size as well as replacing drives without reinstalling or reconfiguring permissions/shares). I've even used it (very carefully) on Citrix servers.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for loss of data. :)

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