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linux from hdd?


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but its a driver problem not an acpi problem.

Why does nobody want to trust me? :P

Linux has fast no drivers to download from a vendor's website. Not that it doesn't need; they're simply not available.

Everything is stored either directly in the kernel, or in .(m)o files which are modules the kernel loads on demand (.o is for <kernel 2.4; .mo is for >kernel 2.6; don't ask me what happened to the 2.5 :whistle: )

One problem with this is you may be unable to load a module needed to continue with booting. For example, you have linux installed on an ext2 partition and the ext2 support for your kernel is configured to be in a module. The module is located inside your ext2 partition. The problem is you can't read the module before you load ext2 support and you can't load ext2 support before you read the module.

My point is missing modules (drivers are usually modules) happens quite often under linux and it won't cause the computer to crash.

Could you please try to boot on slackware 12?

You may be scared but I'm not telling you to install it; just to boot on it (type hugesmp.s at the prompt and if it doesn't work, try with huge.s).

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