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[request] Innotek VirtualBox 100% silent installer

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Hi everyone!

As you may already know, Innotek as released VirtualBox - a PC emulator as open source.

This emulator is small sized (12Mb) and will run the newer Windows PE 2.0 based boot disks that we create in an automated fashion.

One of the last steps in this boot disk project is running the recently created ISO image inside VirtualBox - but this script only works if VirtualBox is already previously installed inside the system - we'd like to silently download the needed .msi package and then install it automatically without any dialog boxes.

Unfortunatelly Innotek won't allow to redistribute this application, so we can't repackage to a custom distribution and I'd like to use the originally web downloaded file only needing to run the .MSI in a completely silent way..

Anyone care to help on this task?

Thanks!! :)

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what about using a .MST file to supply the answers? It should still possible to find a free version of Wise InstallTailor toon the web, which can produce a .MST in a click-through session. As the .MST will only be a record of provided answers, this should be legal to redistribute.

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Thanks for the quick reply bj-kaiser, this is a good suggestion that I will keep in mind. The only issue is that we cannot redistribute the package itself - it needs to be downloaded from their website to fully comply with their licensing terms.

The downloading part isn't an issue, only missing to automate the installation into a silent package.

As a workaround the solution is to download this package from innotek website and then run it - so the user answers all the questions on the setup. just wish this could be automated..


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i was thinking of providing a MST-file with whatever project you are talking about. Add a option to your project, to download the installer package from the original source and after downloading install it, with the settings provide in the answer file/MST.

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