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Network inventory software


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I can remember us having this discussion several times already, like here and here

The thing is, it REALLY depends on what you need and prefer. You might have preferences about server-side requirements (what database it uses, what language it's written in, etc) - other solutions don't need any server stuff at all (ran from a client PC, and infos are stored there). There are solutions which push executables on every PC, or which are ran by scripts and such, whereas other solutions just use WMI over the network. The solutions vary too much to be able to give "this is the best" award to any of them (without knowing what you really want at least). Some are just too buggy whereas others are quite stable (quality of the code varies a great deal), some are a pain to setup/install/deploy/whatever, some might just be too slow, others might just lack features you definitely need, some that I've seen were an absolute nightmare when it comes to usability (when a team of programmers and IT guys can't figure out the GUI and that there's like a dozen scrollbars, there's something wrong!), some might be easier to customize/extend than others, etc.

I'm not going to make any recommendations, as we're using our own solution (not public/for download). C#, .NET 2.0, heavily multithreaded, SQL Server as a backend plus various import/export options (XML mainly) and integration with other apps (and using web services) - running scans from a client PC (scheduled & manually) to update the database, it relies mainly on WMI. Accessible from both a web app and a winform app.

Basically, use google, and try the ones that seem to have potential. Otherwise, make your own (it's not hard at all), or look at the commercial or non open source alternatives (some are pretty cheap/are worth their asking price). Even some non-inventory apps have similar reporting features (like Hyena).

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