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i used to hate ITUNES cuz it was big and bloaty but then i actually used it and it basically does what i love

keeps tracks of my played list and u can do all that rating and stuff

i got a question

i love my stats so basically its why i love itunes

what IM asking is

is there an alternative to itunes ?.. like it keeps stats on played count and all that?

iv had a look but iv come up empty so im asking here

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If you're not using an iPod, removing the startup entry iTuneshelper.exe and disabling the iPodservice service greatly improves iTunes' stability and performance. This also improves the general stability and performance of the entire computer and is therefor highly recommended (again, if not using an iPod).

To disable iTuneshelper.exe from starting up:

WinXP: Run -> type msconfig -> go to "startup" and untick iTuneshelper.exe-> Restart the computer to apply the change. After logging on, an annoying window will appear. Tick the checkbox and press OK.

Win2000: Run -> type regedit -> go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Run and delete the iTuneshelper.exe entry -> Restart the computer to apply the change.

To disable iPodservice (same method for both XP and 2000):

Run -> type services.msc -> locate iPodservice -> right click and choose "Properties" -> press "Stop" -> choose "Disabled" -> press OK. Restarting is not required.

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I know of two good alternatives, but one of them has kinda gotten bloated in the later versions. If you use an older version, it's much better.

The two are Winamp and musikCube.

musikCube has some nice features, like a signature picture that tells what song your listening to and such. They have a very extensive help database too.

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