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Office 2003 Pro unattended batch problem...


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I am new to writing batch files and everything to do with integrating silent installs...

I tired WPI but i didnt like to too much so i started attempting batch files to try and assist with creating an unattended installation.

The following is what I have been using:


ECHO Installing Microsoft Office11 Professional

ECHO (Please wait until setup.exe has finished running before continuing)

start /wait "Microsoft Office 2003" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Source Installation Files\Office11\SETUP.EXE" TRANSFORMS="%PROGRAMFILES%\Source Installation Files\Office11\Office11.MST"

The is says it cannot find pro11.msi...can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?

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Try this:

start /wait "%programfiles%\Source Installation Files\Office11\setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="Office11.MST" /qb

First, you didn't give him a silent parameter (e.g. /qb or /qn) and second, if your *.mst is in the same folder as the setup.exe, you can leave out the path.


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I tried pointing to the .msi file but the installation start and cancels almost asap...

and I know that the path does not need to be included when its in the same directory but things are just messed up right now and so on...

anyways thanks for your guys' input. Ill see if I can work things out...

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