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eXplosive Idea. Summary of objects removed added to last session file.


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Nuhi- I have tried to remove certain parts of windows manually but find it is not as clean or viable a solution. It always seems that I miss something critical to the whole equation. Mostly due to missing some reg entry.

I have been keeping track of how many users ask on this forum how to put a component back in there install after removing it. There is roughly a new post about this every 3-4 days. Taking that into account by itself is a good reason to add this feature. With the ability to see what was removed, putting it back would be a no brainer.

Also I am not saying I want you to do all the work here. What I would like to see is if some of the nlite experts come forth and compile a list of the files/reg's etc removed. Then we can have you fill in the blacks and hopefully make this an easyer feature to add to nlite. With your support for this it should be quickly helped along.

Nlite already keeps a last session file & this would simply expand on that some and give a bit more detail on most if not all compoents removed.

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Madhits45 – I feel like I had to chime in with my opinion on this matter.

As has been previously mentioned, nLite is freeware, not shareware, so unless you actually spent $ on this program, you have no leverage for throwing your weight around.

Can we both agree that nLite is a very powerful tool, so powerful that I would not personally recommend it to my less PC savvy friends, family, etc. There comes a certain amount of assumption from the developers that this tool will be used by experienced users who have some prior knowledge of making custom installations. Also, one has to assume a lot of trial & error will go into making these CDs. I have personally witnessed how frustrating and time consuming it is to make the “perfect” installation. I should own stock in VMWare with how many different times I’ve used it to install a new ISO created from nLite.

I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that if I am unsure of what a particular component/driver does, do NOT remove it. Simple as that.

With regard to people making topics about “how do I reinstall XXXX?”, I simply tell that person that you’ll need to recreate the installation and make sure that XXXX is left and not removed. There isn’t and shouldn’t be an EASY button with this program. It is designed for people who know what they are doing and how serious their decisions will be on the final outcome of the installation.

If this were to be decided by a vote, I would vote no for this “feature” you are requesting. I can assume nuhi has a full-time job, family, and friends that have precedence. I would rather see him spend his time writing new code, debugging, and improving nLite/vLite with every new release than write documentation as in-depth as you are requesting.

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ok fine.. no one thinks this is a good idea.

Maybe my scope is to big.

How about we at least add a little more detail to some of the componet on the removal page in nlite. Nuhi I know this might seem like an annoying task but thats why this forum exsists. Have all of us do it then you approve it and add to nlite. maybe just one componet for now. One that a lot of questions gets asked about like:

AGP Filters

Internet Authentication (IAS)


Network Location Awareness (NLA)

In the long run you CAN not deny this would help some people get there questions answered faster.

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