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Ad Hoc Network in XP


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I'd like to know if this is possible: To have a *wireless network* setup between all the computers in my house permanently, and to occasionally have an ad hoc *wired* network setup between my laptop and my desktop. Can these two setups coexist in windows - i don't want to have to go through all the rigmarole of setting these this up each time i want to sync some (quite large) folders on the two computers.

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Yeah, i have:

2 NICs- wireless card / onboard wired card in the desktop, onboard wireless & wired connection in the laptop

crossover cable between desktop and lappy

the instructions i have don't work. For instance following the wizard doesn't give me the option to setup a "private connection". It also requires things like setting up a separate workgroup for the wired connection. you are also setting the host (desktop) as having other machines connect to the internet through it. That's not going to happen wired.

do you know somewhere that has instructions more appropriate to what i'm trying to do?



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Setting up an ad-hoc (computer to computer) wireless network is pretty straight forward. Here are some instructions.


Wired is typically just a matter of using a cross over cable, setting a static IP on both systems, enable file/printer sharing, enable the guest account, and share a drive.

But honestly... I'd just suggest buying a cheap Router/Access Point. It's MUCH easier.

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Thanks for all your help! I've traced the source of my problems to the dodgy xover cable i made myself. A shop bought one works like a treat.

Just as an addendum, here's why i don't want to do it wireless:


I get around a 20Kbps connection between these two machines on average, wireless, with a max of 400Kbps. Wired I get an average of 6000Kbps.

It was relatively easy to setup in the end. Plugged the cable in, connection was enabled (this was where i fell down before). Assigned static IPs to each machine, and set the firewall to allow. Did a ping test. Shared the folders. Hey presto. Fast syncing between my two machines. :)

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