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  1. Hi, I've recently upgraded my whole office to Vista with Office 2007 on brand new machines. Everyone is suffering from a bug whereby whenever they initiate writing an email from anywhere other than Outlook itself, Outlook will hang [eg using "send to" in Word, or from the explorer, from filemaker, etc. etc]. FYI The domain controller is running server 2003, and we have run all the applicable updates on this and all the machines, inc Office 2007 SP1. Has anyone else encountered this problem? thanks!
  2. Unlike Bill, i'm not entirely clear what textmode drivers are, i am but a humble home user. I asked Acer about them and they couldn't give me any info either. they said that all the drivers needed for my hd were standard XP drivers, so i should be able to find them on the XP disk. what puzzles me is why i didn't have this issue the first time i made an nLite CD, but it has happened everytime since. thanks! tom
  3. Cheers for that nuhi. i'm having a bit of a problem locating the correct textmode drivers for my HD - am going to dl sisoft sandra to get some more info about my laptop. What's weird though, is i made a working version of XP SP1 with nLite a couple of months ago with no problems, and i never had to integrate textmode drivers. I'm trying to slipstream SP2 into this one. could that be messing things up? thanks
  4. anyone have any ideas on this? i haven't removed any obvious drivers, and i;ve made about 5 different versions now all with the same problem. Cheers Tom
  5. SATA, not SCSI. thanks Tom PS Have attached my Last Session file LAST_SESSION__205302.08_11.56.08_.INI
  6. thenapking

    No Harddisk

    Really weird one this. Everytime I make a new install disk with nLite and try and install it, the installation stops because it cannot detect any harddisks in my machine. I must have disabled something, but I can't for the life of me think what it is. Anybody? Cheers Tom ------------------------------ Acer Aspire 5630 1.66Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2Gbs RAM, 100GB HD, WinXP SP2 (Slipstreamed)
  7. Thanks for all your help! I've traced the source of my problems to the dodgy xover cable i made myself. A shop bought one works like a treat. Just as an addendum, here's why i don't want to do it wireless: Speed! I get around a 20Kbps connection between these two machines on average, wireless, with a max of 400Kbps. Wired I get an average of 6000Kbps. It was relatively easy to setup in the end. Plugged the cable in, connection was enabled (this was where i fell down before). Assigned static IPs to each machine, and set the firewall to allow. Did a ping test. Shared the folders. Hey presto. Fast syncing between my two machines.
  8. <<shameless bump>> Anyone know how to do this?? Thanks Tom
  9. Yeah, i have: 2 NICs- wireless card / onboard wired card in the desktop, onboard wireless & wired connection in the laptop crossover cable between desktop and lappy the instructions i have don't work. For instance following the wizard doesn't give me the option to setup a "private connection". It also requires things like setting up a separate workgroup for the wired connection. you are also setting the host (desktop) as having other machines connect to the internet through it. That's not going to happen wired. do you know somewhere that has instructions more appropriate to what i'm trying to do? cheers! tom
  10. I'd like to know if this is possible: To have a *wireless network* setup between all the computers in my house permanently, and to occasionally have an ad hoc *wired* network setup between my laptop and my desktop. Can these two setups coexist in windows - i don't want to have to go through all the rigmarole of setting these this up each time i want to sync some (quite large) folders on the two computers.
  11. What on earth is a checked kernel environment? Anyway, specifying halmps or halmacpi along with ntkrlmp and ntkrpamp makes windows fail to load - it says hal.dll is corrupt. I have followed their instructions for making a "checked kernel env" because, what ever it is, it allows you to set up another kernel regime. Nothing interesting in $winnt$ i'm afraid. I think i may have to make a slipstreamed disc and do a full reinstall with sp2... cheers tom
  12. I knew this all sounded too easy. I've just dumped ntkrnlmp.exe in my system32 directory and hasn't worked. no change. does it need to be in a particular sub directory? On my other install of XP on this machine - which does have the dual core functioning correctly - ntkrnlmp is not in the system32 directory. ntkrnlpa.exe is. Also i have checked the install disk i made with nLite and that did include ntkrnlmp.ex_ Any ideas? Thanks! Tom
  13. This all sounds deceptively simple. I'm presuming i won't need to delete the other kernel file after rebooting. Thanks guys, will let you know if it works later on. Cheers Tom
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have removed the multiprocessor support, unless it was hidden under something i didn't notice. I'll check for that kernel file when i'm back on my laptop later. If i haven't got it, once i extract it from the relevant place on the xp disk, how will i get it to run? Surely i need to do more than just dump it in the system32 folder? thanks tom PS It's XP Pro - home doens't do multiprocessor support does it?
  15. Hey Guys, Have just installed a stripped down version of XP SP1 on my new Core 2 Duo laptop. Can't get the 2 cores to work - there is no processors bit in the Device Manager (so 2 processors certainly aren't showing up there), and my computer has "Standard PC" underneath it, not ACPI. I know the dual core is working because i have a bloated version of XP Media Centre installed on a separate partition and that is all working as it should be. The question is: do i need to go through the whole slipstreaming process and reinstall XP, could i run autoupdate instead, or are there drivers i could install to get it working? How much a performance hit am i likely to take if i run auto update - will it put all the crap back in that nLite has (wonderfully!) removed? Also, i didn't install any network services with nLite, so it might be a bit of a hassle to run auto update. Does some one have a link to the necessary drivers to get SP1 working with multicore processors? FYI This is an Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66Ghz on an Acer 5630 Laptop. Thanks in advance, Tom

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