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automated creation of the answer file

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does any one know of an application that can take me through step by step to create the answer file? i would like to create an answer file for an unattended installation but the vast amount of options and the complexity of it are a bit intimidating, i would have thought that some one would have made an application that will step by step (maybe tabular based for differant sections) and explained will let me choose the options i want and create an answer file for me. have this been tackled already? can u point me to the right place?

any thoughts ?

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Check your XPCD, you might find a folder named "Support" there, in it you will find a folder named "Tools". Now in there is a CAB file named DEPLOY.CAB, just use WinRAR to unRAR it.

Now you should have a file called setupmgr.exe which is a Microsoft made program to do the answer file, you'll also find ref.chm, which is the helpfile.

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thanks daedolus, i will check it out,tghough something tells me that what ever microsoft come with can not be rivaled by the know how and tweakiness happy members of this forums.

rudi i tryed that but that is in no way comprehensive enough, and a green newb like my self will need more information and detail about the differnt options

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