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New VM - VirtualBox

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VirtualBox 4.0.6 (released 2011-04-21)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed incorrect handling of ballooned pages when restoring a VMM from a saved state

VMM: don't crash on hosts with more than 64 cores / hyperthreads; implemented support for up to 256 host cores (except Windows hosts; bug #8489)

VMM: fixed guru meditation for PAE guests running on hosts without PAE (bug #8006)

VMM: fixed slow Linux guests with raw mode and recent guest kernels (bug #8726)

GUI: support host key combinations (bug #979)

GUI: fixed progress indicator (bug #7814)

GUI: show the mouse pointer while the VM is paused if the USB tablet mouse emulation is used (bug #6799)

GUI: adapt the snapshot folder as well when renaming a VM (bug #8469)

GUI: persistently remember the last folders of the disk/DVD/floppy selectors

GUI: never allow to start a VM with USB-2.0 activated if the proper extension pack is missing (bug #8182)

GUI: fixed hang/crash when opening a file dialog in an non-existing folder (bug #8673)

Snapshots: fixed a bug which could lose entries in the media registry when restoring a snapshot (bug #8363)

Snapshots: allow snapshots to be stored in the VM directory

3D support: fixed a crash if a VM was forced to terminate (Windows hosts only; bug #7133)

Storage: fixed memory leak (4.0 regression; bug #7966)

Storage: fixed access to iSCSI targets over internal network

Storage: fixed reading from disks with more than one snapshot for VHD and VMDK images with disabled host cache (bug #8408)

Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend after an I/O error occurred

Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend / reset (bug #8276, #8294)

Storage: automatically create a diff image when attaching a streamOptimized VMDK image to a VM

ATA/SATA: fixed automounting of virtual CD/DVD mediums with recent Linux distributions by correctly reporting the current profile as 'none' if no medium is present

Buslogic: fixed emulation for certain guests (e.g. jRockit VE)

Host-Only Networking: fixed interface creation failure on Windows hosts (4.0.4 regression; bug #8362)

Host-Only & Bridged & Internal Networking: fix for processing promiscuous mode requests by VMs, defaulting to switch behaviour

Host-Only Networking: fixed connectivity issue after resuming the host from sleep (bug #3625)

Bridged Networking: support for interface bonding on Mac OS X hosts (bug #8731)

NAT: fixed processing of ARP announcements for guests with static assigned IPs (bug #8609)

VRDP: backward compatibility with VRDPAuth external authentication library (bug #8063)

Shared Folders: don't fail to start a VM if a path is not absolute, for example when importing an OVF from a different host (bug #7941)

Audio: fixed crash under certain conditions (bug #8527)

USB: fixed a crash when plugging certain USB devices (bug #8699)

HPET: fixed time jumps when reading the counter (bug #8707)

OVF/OVA: automatically adjust disk paths if the VM name is changed on import

OVF/OVA: fix export to slow medias

OVF/OVA: automatically repair inconsistent appliances with multiple disks (bug #8253)

rdesktop-vrdp: fixed an assertion triggered under certain conditions (bug #8593)

Windows hosts: fixed occasional hangs during VM shutdown because sometimes COM was not properly uninitialized

Mac OS X hosts: prevent the mouse from leaving the VM window while captured

Mac OS X hosts: keep aspect ratio while resizing in scale mode (shift for old behaviour) (part of bug #7822)

X11 hosts: fixed Yen key support (bug #8438)

X11 hosts: fixed a regression which caused Host+F1 to pop up help instead of sending Ctrl+Alt+F1

Linux hosts / Linux Additions: mangle IPRT symbols to allow installing VirtualBox inside a VM while the Guest Additions are active (bug #5686)

Linux hosts / Linux guests: workaround for a bug in GLIBC older than version 1.11 leading to crashes under certain conditions (signed/unsigned problem with memchr on 64-bit machines)

Solaris hosts: fixed a deadlock in event semaphores that could lead to unkillable VM processes

Windows Additions: fixed Sysprep parameter handling

Windows Additions: fixed spontaneous guest reboots under certain circumstances (4.0.2 regression; bugs #8406, #8429)

Windows Additions: added auto logon support for locked workstations on legacy Windows versions

Windows Additions: fixed driver bugcheck error when handling PnP messages (4.0 regression; bug #8367)

Windows Additions: fixed memory leak in VBoxVideo

X11 Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.10 final

Linux Additions: Linux kernel 2.6.39-rc1 fixes

Linux Additions: improved auto-run support (bug #5509)

Linux Additions: fix mouse support on SUSE 11 SP 1 guests (bug #7946)

Solaris Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.9

Guest Additions: various bugfixes for guest control execution

Webservice: use own log file, with log rotation to limit size



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VirtualBox 4.1.2 (released 2011-08-15)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed 64-bit guests on AMD Fusion CPUs (bug #8824)

VMM: fixed handling of the sysenter/sysexit machine instructions in 64-bit guests on Intel hosts

GUI: added linked clone support

GUI: fixed error check when changing the VM controller settings (4.1.0 regression; bug #9246)

GUI: fixed the inclusion of additional information (license, vendor, ...) on OVF export

GUI: when taking a snapshot from the VM selector, don't do a live snapshot

GUI: fixed immediate crash during start on certain environments due to a library version conflict

Guest control execution: implemented copying single files from guest to the host (directories and filters not supported yet)

Guest control execution: limited to serve up to 5 guest processes at a time by default

Main: return the correct RDP default port fixing settings warnings in the GUI if the remote display was enabled at runtime (bug #9368)

VBoxSVC: made the path comparison OS independent when images are registered (bug #9303)

VBoxSVC: several fixes/performance improvements for cloning of VMs

Snapshots: fixed "Solid-State drive" flag survival on snapshot creation (bug #9379)

VBoxManage: implemented copyfrom and stat guest control tools to copy files from guest to host and to check for existence of files on the guest

VBoxManage: fixed extpack install --replace (bug #9308)

VBoxManage: allow to start multiple VMs with startvm

VBoxManage: experimental support for SATA CD/DVD hotplugging

Mouse support: fixed an off-by-one pointer position error affecting Windows guests (bugs #7566, #9321)

VRDP: fixed a case when the screen was not redrawn correctly (bug #9242)

NAT: changed TCP connection establishment according to Winsock API requirements (Windows hosts only; bug #8919)

USB: fixed device recognition issues (bugs #9299) and fixed several device capturing issues (Windows hosts; bug #9299)

USB: fixed issues with remote filters being applied to local USB devices

OVA: fixed import of renamed OVA files (bug #9033)

Windows host: fixed icon for .VDI files (bug #9393)

Solaris hosts: fixed a bug preventing parallel usage of multiple host NICs with Crossbow based bridged networking

Linux hosts: fixed random kernel panics on host suspend / shutdown (4.1.0 regression; bug #9305)

Guest Additions: keep logged in user count in out-of-memory situations and warn about it

Solaris Additions: fixed shared folders due to missing symbols in the vboxfs module (4.0.12 / 4.1.0 regression; bug #9264)

Windows Additions: fixed file truncation on a shared folder with some applications (bugs #9276, #9315)

Windows Additions: fixed shared folder issues with antivirus software and 64 bit Windows guests (bug #9318)

Windows Vista and 7 guests: WDDM driver fixes and performance enhancements, fixed WinSAT crashes (#9267)

Linux Additions: fixed llseek() for Linux kernels 2.6.37 and above



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VirtualBox 4.1.16 (released 2012-05-22)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_ACCESS_DENIED with certain guests (bugs #7589, #8247)

VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation VERR_PAGE_TABLE_NOT_PRESENT with Ubuntu 32-bit guests with nested paging enabled on AMD CPUs (bug #10183)

VMM: preserve segment limits and attributes when switching to unreal mode required for some legacy guests to work properly (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution only; bug #9941)

VMM: fixed a VM hang after a resume from pause / savestate with SMP guests in rare cases

3D Support: several fixes for the Windows WDDM video driver crash

NAT: fixed a crash on attempt to process ICMP datagram under some circumstances (bug #10527)

Host-only Networking: lifted the maximal number of interfaces to 128 on Linux and Mac OS X hosts (there is no such limitation for Solaris and Windows hosts)

EFI: fixed wrong SEC/PEI Core entry point calculation (bug #10531)

VRDP: fixed a display update problem (bug #10503)

Main: set the proper VM state if savestate failed for some reason (bug #6189)

Main: more useful error message if a medium is inaccessible

VBoxManage: fixed controlvm savestate if the VM is already paused

Mac OS X hosts: addressed issues running on Mountain Lion Preview 3 (bug #10267)

Linux hosts: Linux 3.4 compile fixes

Linux hosts: fixed wrong help path in some rpm-based packages (bug #10418)

Guest Additions: fixed handling of custom environment variables during VBoxManage guestcontrol execute (bug #10581)

Windows Additions: fixed guest driver crash of VBoxSF in certain cases (4.1.10 regression, bug #10408)

Windows Additions: don't load the WDDM driver if 3D support is not available for Windows 8 guests to keep the guest maintainable in that case (still better to miss some features than providing a blank screen)

Solaris Additions: added support for X.org Server 1.11 and 1.12



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