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drivers and hardware support


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do drivers and hardware support slow system down?

i was plannng to seperate all drivers and hardware support from the windows install and put them on the same cd.

Then at bootup it would search drivers on the cd or use the drivers given with the product.

This way u dont install unnecesary drivers on the windowz..

but i have no idea what todo or it even is possible.

and what is diffrence between drivers and hardware support?

fast reply would be handy becus i need this asap, thnx.

nlite/nuhi is awesome :)

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Thats what nlite is for. Have the unwanted stuff excluded that will surely make your OS more lite on resources. You can delete all drivers as long as you know what hardware you have and have drivers for them. You can integrate your own drivers with nlite so that only drivers you need for your system are installed.

If I have not understood your question wrongly about having drivers ect on seperate disks, then you should know that there is no diff having it in the OS cd or on a seperate cd. As windows will only install the needed drivers anyway.

By removing drivers, you can still install drivers later on if decide to add a new hardware say a modem for example. If you remove the modem hardware support then you can't install any modems at all from that point even if you have the drivers. So its best to know what you have in your system and take precation when removing hardware support.

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