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Rename pagefile by default?


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Here's what I've done: I've created a slim XP install just for gaming. Obviously it doesn't have the useful stuff I need for working, so I want it to coexist on my hard drive with a regular XP (also nLited, but not as heavily since I need the usual functionalities, including domain membership). As such, I've set it up so it installs into GamerXP (instead of Windows), GamerDocs (instead of Docs & Settings) Game Files (instead of program files), and so on. The only thing I *haven't* been able to change is the name of the paging file, and this appears to cause me some issues. I can remediate the issue by putting one of the OS's swap file onto my second hard drive, but that's not necessarily ideal.

If at all possible I'd also like to modify it so that it sets up its BOOT.INI entry as "Windows XP Gamer Edition" instead of "Windows XP Professional", but that's a minor issue by comparison.

Any help would be appreciated!!!



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Awesome, thank you. I'll modify my regtweaks.reg and see if this works! :D You da man! So, uh, any clue about the other bit? :)


Not totally sure, but you would have to modify the default registry (the hive*.inf files) I believe.

Yeah, I thought so too but I can't find any reference to the defaults, so I'm not sure where to change it. I *thought* I'd found it in layout.inf, but no dice.

On a happier note, I just verified that the above hack for the pagefile WORKS in my source! :D

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