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Problems with X64 pro and Nlite


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Ok i have had this problem since like 1.2

I could never get an nlited version of my copy of x64 Pro. I awlays get the same type of error, but with different files.

I get the "The following line in the .SIF file used my setup is corrupt or missing:" with most of the time value 0.


This would also happen with other files, the one in the pic happened with cabarc.exe, but it has happened with a bunch of others as well, and it always happens within the "sourcediskfiles" I have like 30 coasters :( . Now I use virtual machine.

I talked to Kamil a while back (creator of the x64 update pack) and he said it had to do with Nlite.

I never had this type of problem with my copy of x86 Pro. What I did notice is this.

With x64 I cannot disable the SFC which is what I think is the problem.


Its driving me insane this problem . I have spent countless hours. Please some one help me. I have not been able to get even 1 good copy of an Nlited x64.

p.s. i am currently using the latest nlite, 1.3RC

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Ok I did another test, with only the packs from NFM and it worked for some odd reason.

I then tried the basics that I usually use


and bingo i get this problem


It is possible that I can only use packs that were made for X64 bit only?

Edit: All the regualr packs sans NFM's work perfectly fine on my x86


attached to the post


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Ok I did a second test, without the Windows Defender or the Multi-theme addon, and it worked. SO I am going to conclude that the themes is what makes it not work? Would that be safe to say?

I agree. To double check, look in the multi-theme addon archive for a file called cursorb.*

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there is a cursorb.in_

here is the ini file

Well its not so much the entries file I was worried about, but open up txtsetup.sif in notepad, it's in your i386 dir (on the cd that gave you the error). Do a find for cursorb.in

If it comes back with an entry, look in the i386 dir for cursorb.in_. If it is not there then the multitheme pack is causing the problem, and you should contact siginet about it.

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