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Freezing when exiting applications

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I've been experiencing intermittent freezing when exiting applications - No error logs or error messages since the video is totally halted. After some unsuccessful clicking/typing I'll get a single beep from the motherboard, then that's it. The system is still alive in a sense since I can browse my hard drive from another computer via LAN. Only way out is a hard reset.

This is a custom build, and yes I'm sure there's enough power and there are no overheating issues. I suspected nForce drivers for quite a while, but I just re-installed the OS a week ago and tonight it happened again. I left all the generic Windows drivers that were possible and loaded only essential software. That said, I'm fairly confident it's a hardware problem. I've ran memtest86 and let it go through 2.5 hrs (4 passes) without any errors. At this point I'm thinking it's the graphics card or motherboard.

Any ideas on this? Anyone know of a software program that will capture any error messages posted to the screen? I'm pretty sure the single beep from the motherboard is some kind of error, but I can't see it with the video locked up. This may provide a vital clue as to which part to RMA.

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i would have to guess it would be the memory, but u ran memetest, but memetest can be wrong. how many sticks of ram do u have? if 2 sticks, then try each stick separatly. if only 1 stick, then try to find another stick to test.

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Thanks for the response.

Would bad RAM really be responsible for a graphic lockup though? Plus, it's not like everything is toasted since certain components seem to be working fine after this happens. I thought bad RAM would normally result in resetting and random write errors.

I'll still give it a try, it's easy enough to do. I really don't feel like beginning the painful RMA process, plus being without the computer for at least a week doesn't sound like fun either. I wouldn't even be convinced that sending the motherboard or graphics card back would solve the problem.

I did update the BIOS before I reformatted and before this problem started (I think). This was a result of trying to diagnose another problem that turned out to be a faulty graphics card. I tried rolling back to the BIOS that the board came with, but it's telling me that it's too old. I doubt that could cause this though. it's just the only thing that didn't get 'reset' by the re-formatting I did last week.

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Alright, I'm trying the RAM suggestion. I'm thinking it has to be something like this since the computer was on all last week with no problems, and it just happened again yesterday out of the blue. I have two 1GB sticks in dual channel. I pull each one and even try moving them around in different slots. Perhaps putting them in a single channel config would help?

Isolating this problem is going to be interesting since I have to wait days to see if it comes up again. It's definitely something that happens over time, and it always happens right after closing a program. Oddly enough - no problems during intensive programs such as games. I'll close real player and BAM.

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