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One single PC installed of XP


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And, just for the record:
I made myself a BartPE disk last year and the option is not available anymore with the last versions (it is on the disk I made 3 years ago). Also you needed to erase and create only one partition dedicated to BartPE on the disk.

Is completely false.

It is perfectly possible to install BartPE on hard disk, and there is no need to have a songle partition for it on the disk, you will need a bootmanager like Grub4DOS, that's all.

... :whistle:

have you even read my post ? It is not completely false, not even false at all. I'm talking BartPE cd as is, not what you could do with it if you search forums and tweak it and install something else aside and blah blah blah. The disk I made long ago had an option in the menu allowing to install the system on the disk, but only suppressing all partition and reinstalling to one big partition. This is not "completely false", even if you say it is, there is no way you could prove it to me, that's what I saw and I still have that disk. Also in the one I made last year with a later version of PEBuilder, that same option is not present, still I did not chose to disable the option in the process of making the disk. This is not completely false either. You can add all the info you want, but don't say I'm completely false. Thanks.

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sorry :blushing: , I did not mean in any way that you are false or that what you said is literally false, maybe you just did not look hard enough.

I didn't want people reading the thread think that it is impossible to do it.

Bart Lagerwej, the author of BartPE, clearly states that BartPE is intended to be a

What is BartPE and PE Builder?

Bart's PE Builder helps you build a "BartPE" (Bart Preinstalled Environment) bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installation/setup CD, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.

Not for installing it to hard disk.

However he gives the peinst.cmd as a plugin (used to be pehdinst):



that makes exactly that, but since it is not the main "scope" of BartPE, peinst.cmd has some limits.

The option is still there (BartPE 3.110a, in the plugin folder), and people on the 911CD forum have found ways to better and "widen" the usage of PE on HD with their own tricks.

About the fact that BartPE needs it's own partition, since peinst adds an entry to boot.ini, I cannot see where you get that piece of info.


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Where from i get WinPE and BartPE iso?

You don't "get" an .iso, you "get" an application to "build" one.




(if eligible) from Microsoft





The easiest, that you should try first, is ubcd4win:



P.S.: Sorry dexter, cross-posting...

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