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M.S Scan Disk


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Hi users,

I want's to ask how can i enforce scandisk[check disk (chkdsk)] to scan disk drive immedate without prompt user to cencel it. This is happen when abnormal power off occour.

:ph34r: Another question is which file is contain this information that prompt user to cencel within 10 sec.

I want's to clear that my os is Windows XP SP2.

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Scandisk only works in Windows 98 or ME, but not in Windows XP.

For 98 or ME there is a little program, originally put out my Microsoft,

called "TweakUI". Using this program you can set up Scandisk to run in

different ways, or not at all.

Maybe, finding out why its running at all and eliminating that problem,

would be the best idea.

Good Luck,


Sialkot looks like a very nice place.

I checked it out with "Google".

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; Modifying the Autocheck Time-out Value NTFS ONLY When Windows is not shutdown correctly it will perform an AutoCheck using CHKDSK on the next restart. This setting controls the time delay before running Autochk or whether it is run at all.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]

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it is ok

but my another question is which file is update by setting this registry value?

As when we set sfcdisable=0 so sfc_files.dll is update when we set system fie checker to off by this velue.

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