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Asus P4C800Deluxe RAID drivers


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I too am looking for these drivers. I spoke with a tech at Promise today and he could not tell me if they would be releasing Vista drivers for the FastTrak 378 at all due to its age, and claimed that Vista was still "in beta" and that any Vista drivers would not be released by Promise until January. :no:

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As tendaq noted:

The XP drivers for 32bit work fine. I had no problems for the 2 weeks or so I used them.

I have the XP 64bit drivers but I did not test them. They may work. I got them from Asus.

I since use IDE for primary and via raid for storage.

Attached are the XP 64bit drivers from Asus for the Promise 378 raid controller.

I have not tested them.


If they work please post back here with the results.


Asus K8V SE deluxe with promise 378 and via raid controllers.


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