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Dreamlinux is the best linux


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Try opensuse 10.2 : not a single driver problem.

I added nvidia's driver manually since they are non-open source and therefore won't be integrated in most of the distros . They installed faster and easier than under windows. ;)

UT2004 runs really nice. Just don't use xgl at the same time. Btw, xgl is a lot of fun. ^^

WiFi card (bcm4318) works but there's a problem activating/deactivating it (probs with laptop buttons) but I connected to my network through it so it can be done, I just lack time to see how. And btw, wireless is better than in windows (it doesn't get stuck without any reason).

My laptop has problems with ACPI.

So, problems : wifi card, acpi.

What's working : all my hardware (and I'm using a laptop : GeForce 7600Go, mobile 64-bit CPU...), 3D, all apps, compiling has never failed (but don't forget to install corresponding packages ;p ). yast is wonderful : it installs everything without harass, installing suse was really easy, I love my graphical bootloader (grub)... ^^

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