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Please help me restore Windows Media streaming capability


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What I had removed with nLite (have XP /w SP2):

- Windows Media Player, both 6.4 and 9

- ActiveX control for streaming

- disabled option to keep WMP compatibility

What I need:

- be able to play WM based stream in at least 1 of these browsers (removed IE itself but I'm using Maxthon/Opera/Firefox).

- be able to open .wmv files from local hard disk

How to accomplish this without re-making new image with nLite and without OS reinstalling?

So far I found these options:

- Windows Media Lite 2.4.0:

[ http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Windows_Media_Lite.htm ]

[ http://www.codecguide.com/download_other.htm ]


- Windows Media

- WMLite10

- WMLite 2.1.0+ Setup ini file

[ http://ksphere.free.fr/site/codecspackage.php ]

They seem to be able to get the job done, but I'm not sure (it's not mentioned anywhere) if they work (will be able to play streams in a browser) in case where "ActiveX control for streaming" got removed (can it be restored post-install somehow if needed?).

So which one to choose (from the 3 mentioned above) and install in my particular case? Maybe there's also something else I don't know of?


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As long as you have Windows Media Player 11 installed you

can watch WMP videos in web pages in Firefox even if "ActiveX

Streaming Video" is removed... just find these files (any dll dump

site has them) and put them in Program Files\Windows Media Player




This stops that annoying "Install Plugin" message in Firefox where

the plugin does not even install.

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