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usb scanner on nt4


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First, drivers designed for Windows 2000 will not work on NT4, as the driver model changed for Win2K and thus the drivers are not based on the same driver model (although some NT4 print drivers work on 2000, but that's more of a spooler issue than a driver model issue - print drivers are special...). Secondly, as you've already found, NT4 does not have built-in USB support, and thus it was left to be provided by the 3rd-party hardware vendors' software and drivers (which you seem to have). However, there was always a catch - most hardware ultimately STILL didn't work because the software for most USB devices will fail to install properly on NT (the other "gotcha" in USB support for NT4), and this was mostly for scanner and camera drivers. The only thing I've actually SEEN work properly was a USB mouse and keyboard, never cameras or scanners (basically only USB HID devices - no TWAIN devices).

As an aside, there was actually one generic USB stack written for NT (by Digi), but it was (still is) quite expensive to license, and is pretty much required for anything more than basic USB keyboard/mouse support in NT (support being a loose term).

Also remember that the first product Microsoft released that fully supported most USB devices properly was Win98, which was released almost three years after NT4 went RTM, and the first NT-based OS that supported most USB devices properly was Win2K, almost five years after NT4 went RTM. Keep that in mind when trying to shoehorn USB onto NT4.

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It seems like:


As this FAQ points out, the IONetworks USB solution is binary compatible with the Win2k USB stack supplied by Microsoft, so (in theory) Win2k drivers for USB devices can be employed on a NT4 system using the IONetworks stack. This theory has not been tested personally.


the particular USB stack from Ionetworks (now digi.com) is Win2k compatible!?

The site also references this file:


as newer then


But I don't think it helps.

I have seen some scanners coming with software for NT4.00, but never tested them.

What particular make/model of scanner is it?

Maybe one could use the twain driver of some other scanner, with some tweaking...


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