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vLite 0.6 beta - Wiiiiiiii


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dexter.inside, nice, I'll review all of that.

Mcfly000, I presume you used CDs there, this control I'm using has some incompatibilities with few DVDs, they are working on it.

Jeronimo, I ment on some illegal activities so better to put it aside.

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Are you referring to some Summer of Code you attended (was itfrom Google?)

Actually no, that's another project I am doing. nuhi points out very well that the stuff I learned about how the NT 6.0 works and how Vista components interact were not learned through the "official MSDN channels", but through what I might call "complementary methods" :whistle: MSDN comes always too late for me :angel

6) Missing dependencies in DirectPlay 9Ex

\Windows\system32\dpwsock.dll and \Windows\system32\dpserial.dll are being removed by something.


I think these two should not be removed. This issue may cause problems on games designed for DirectX 10

I will make today a minimal build with everything removed to check again these for further missing dependencies.

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#1, I fixed the Media Center for the next version, it wasn't the .net, you can see in full Vista that those 2 old .NET versions are same as after vLite.

#2, also not true

#3, Ok, done

#4, Gonna check

#5, WER parts are left because needed

#6, also not true since I don't remove them, how about you research a little better before posting, I must say when I saw so detailed report I thought it will be true...but it turns out you're kinda trigger-happy. Anyway it's appreciated, we did fixed few things.

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research a little better before posting

Okay sorry about that, but if what you say is true that means they left Vista RTM with most of the non-critical bugs (they didn't even bother to fix the pending registry issues) that were posted during the Beta 2 stage. I'd say that this way it's very difficult to distinguish between whan vLite did and what Microsoft did, so I will have to use another method of investigation.

My next approach will be the following:

- considering the highly modular level of building Vista (inspired from XP Embedded), I think it is possible to re-extract from a Vista distribution the original primitives and packages that it's made of, each with it's full set of dependencies, registry data, install order...

- doing so for the original and for the vLited edition will allow the comparison of these through diff. In a beta it's quite explainable to find missing files and erroneous registry data, but in a stable RTM that should not happen, and I am quite unsatisfied over this case by the Ultimate edition.

- so, when removing stuff with vLite, one should actually remove just one or more primitives from its repository. This may be the perfect way to check if files from other primitives are also getting removed, thus distinguishing between what vLite did and what was initially bad in there.

Thanks nuhi for clearing the case on this one, as I still have some sets of stuff that I will have to send to Microsoft for them to sort it out. Hope I can find a automated solution for doing what I am planning. The biggest problem is that I do have a life :thumbup , otherwise C# rules.

P.S. my bug reports are detailed because I am one of those beta tester geeks... Server 2003 SP2, Codename Longhorn Server and the IIS7 Preview Program, since they started it

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Oh, and another thing:

Why when using "Apply and Rebuild" is it necessary to physically unpack the WIM to %temp%\vLite ?

Wouldn't it be better to use the wimgapi.dll to mount it as RW, perform modifications on it virtually, capture the image, and then unmount it by discarding without commit ?

I think that will save a great deal of disk I/O time.

As for the .NET 1.0.3075, I will be preparing a report to forward to the vista development team. It's clearly not working properly - it cannot be used from VS2005, and probably you cannot use 3rd party MCE2005 (from Codename Freestyle) properly with it. But at the rate they create Windows Updates, it will be ages until I can get a proper response.

Has anybody sucessfully compiled a MCE extender on Vista Ultimate?

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Tried that and some error was present, gonna retry again if I see that it's possible with MS tools.

What are you saying about .NET 1.0, install it if you need it, Vista has only 2.0 which should be backwards compatible.

You'll get better answers at the Vista sub-forum.

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