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Can I Add "my Computer", "recycle Bin","run&q

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Thx, i will try u suggestion. But I am still a fresh, Can u give me a link?


I have checked the link. But it only told me how to add what i want to the right click menu of "My computer".

I can not find any information as to how to add what i want to the right click menu of desktop. Please help me!!!

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go to download.com and look for reg tools like Regshot. take a shot of your registry and then make your changes and take another "snapshot"

this will out put to a file which then you can go to the registry and find the keys that do the "thing" you want.

you can then test this by changing the registry keys manualy.

There are lots of ways to install these "tweaks" batch, run once, command lines etc search the forum for your prefered method.

Search the forums I know it takes awhile but all the info is there and you will learn along the way

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I have searched the whole Forum, But I can not find anything is value.

Someone Please Helps me!

I need to know how to add "My Computer", "Recycle Bin","Run","Empty Recycle Bin" to the desktop right click menu??? Because I have no any icons on my desktop.

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