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Nlite V1.2.1 Integrating Drivers Error


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this is a first...

Several times before i integrated drivers for both my VIA and Promise SCSI/RAID controllers and never had a problem. This time nLite generated an error for both drivers because it was unable to open the 2 associated registry keys:



There were no permissions set for any users of either key. Although nLite didn't offer the option of setting up permissions before continuing the build, i tried to add system and administrator permissions manually just to make sure i could and i was not able to do so.

I just integrated both drivers successfully a day or 2 ago using the same build of nLite. The only thing i did different this time was to remove a LOT of windows components (i'm building a USB mem stick installation). I checked the driver entries in 'last session.ini' against the 'last session.ini' from the install i did a couple days ago and they are identical. The only thing i can think of that may have triggered a problem was that i selected a driver for integration, then changed my mind and deleted the entry (from the UI, not from the actual ini file).

see attached

While i'm at it, i had another error the other day when i was working with nLite. I had just started and i think i forgot to integrate a service pack or something, so i did that with Ryans' tool, then went back in nLite and refreshed the source files view and it generated a memory error (i think) and crashed.



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i do, yes.

i forgot about this post :)

i think what might of happened is that i ran nLite on an already nLite'd directory by accident. i have it working fine now. still stumped as to why i couldn't create permissions on the registry keys though. never had a problem there before.

thanks nuhi!

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