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[Release] Windows Vista sound scheme


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Windows Vista sound scheme

MD5: C710353CC3ED63C3A22D7234BA343A21

Information: website

Size: 6.34 MB


Upgrade your old sound scheme with the new Windows Vista sounds.

Including MSN / WLM messenger sounds.



zen62619 for installer.

digitalfive for sound pack.

I just created the addon for nLite.

nJoy :)

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I download the file at 10/23/2006 (last modification date) from a post, here at MSF Forum, by owikh84.

Lookink into at Entries*.ini of file I found this :http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71604 and its the original post from I download the file.


Edit1: The post of owikh84 about his add-on is not present. I dont undertand this fact, but ...

Edit2: I found the original post at RyanVm forum: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2172 (post 14)

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Ok thanks! Now we have thee working links.

Vista_Sounds.cab (Vista Sound Scheme 1.1 by owikh84 - July 30, 2006) 4,41MB - 33 Sounds

Ricktendo_VistasoundsAddOn.rar (Vista RC2 & RTM Sounds 1.0 by zen62619 - Novembre 15, 2006) 6,13MB - 43 Sounds

ProgramAddons_Vista_Sounds.cab (VistaSounds 1.0 by Rado354 - Novembre 14, 2006) 6,19MB - 22 Sounds

Rado354 can you make now an addon with relative the littlest size and the most sounds in it? Information about the default sound scheme is included in the installer by owikh84.


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