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Blocking of GMail Chat


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I use both IE and Firefox browsers on my laptop. Ever since I updated

Win XP from SP 1 to SP2 I have been receiving the error message below

in the left column of my Firefox screen whenever I try to open a web


"Your internet connection is experiencing problems or your network

administrator has blocked Gmail chat. Learn more"

I also don't get images any longer. I only see blank spaces where the

images should be. Initially I thought it was from my network

administrator (I am on a network at the office) but realised that the

same thing happens even at home where I switch my laptop to a dial-up

ISP. I am not using Gmail Chat. :no:

A Gmail forum user offered the following answer:

"Microsoft made many changes to security with SP2. eg SP2 turns on the

Windows Firewall by default, and changes the default settings for which

ports are blocked etc.

It's generally tighter than before.

I don't know how Gmail chat uses ports etc, but I guess this is what is

happening here."

The above hardly solves the problem! Can anyone offer any assistance to really solve the problem??? :angel

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