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Adding Indexing Service


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I have created an Nlite image that I have used on about 10 systems in our company. Now some users are having issues with searching files with unknown file types. Microsoft's solution to this issue is to enable indexing of unknown file extensions on the indexing service under services. I stripped Indexing from my NLite build. I can not add Indexing through Add and Remove Programs in Control Panel on the Windows Components. Does anyone know of another way to add a windows service back into XP Pro beside formatting and creating a new image? My users have personalized their systems and some have specialized software that isn’t easy to reinstall.

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I have created an Nlite image that I have used on about 10 systems in our company.

you used it for your company? i dont think nlite allows that. prepare to go to jail.

-- on your question, youre better off reinstalling.

LOL JAIL.. Is that what were telling all the new users. I was using burn in HE**.. So glad I got that cleared up. :-P

Yeah who would want indexing services... That service is the worst one M$ ever added to windows. Just My 2 cents


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nLite is useful to use on an Internet Terminal or a very old pc. On a decent pc you shouldn't remove much stuff. You just disable some services you won't use now. Then you can always enable the services back on.

This is my config file now for example:

;# Applications #
Accessibility Options
ClipBook Viewer
Internet Games
# Keyboards #
;# Languages #
;# Network #
Communication tools
FrontPage Extensions
Internet Information Services (IIS)
MSN Explorer
Windows Messenger
;# Operating System Options #
.NET Framework
Blaster/Nachi removal tool
;# Compatibility #



So I remove no services at all. It just causes too much trouble every time and doesn't save much CD-space.

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