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Can anybody told me how to integrate a new theme for windows on DVD which has windows and Post instal wiyard(with programs).

I hope so that you understand what I want.

huh ? what exactly do you mean ? do you mean use a premade theme made for wpi that some one else created ? or do you mean help you create one to use ?

im alittle disoriented with your use of english,, but im trying my best to help you, please give us alittle more clearer detail of what you really want to achieve

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I would like somethig like Stardock programs do. Like, change windows bootscreen, logo, windows theme, icons,...and all that burn on Windows CD with WPI programs, all in one DVD...

I hope that you understood.

But, if you speak serbian, I will type you.

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But, if you speak serbian, I will type you.

nope dont speak serbian,,

but the best i can answer your question is that if you want to do things like change the theme, logon, boot screen and icons, the best thing you can do is

create a theme file with your desired theme and then you can use wpi to install and apply it

and as for a boot screen, you could create your own boot screens with boot editor and create simple batch files to apply them.

so for icons,, you can always start off by useing resource hacker to replace icons in the shell32.dll file and once again create batch files to replace it with

or you could just go the route of installing an app that does these things for you like windows x or so on silently then have it apply your settings for you,,

sorry bud thats the best i can do for you..

me i batch my own boot screens, just like a do the same for logons, and i use iconpackager for my icons,,

and as for themes well i just make a silent self extracting exe with winrar for the desired theme,, then apply it by batch,,

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