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This process requires the following files:

(1) Official Firefox installation program.

(2) 7Zip installed

(3) My "install.7z" file (attached) which should contain: 7sZ.sfx; config.txt; install.cmd

Step 1: Install Firefox 2.0

Step 2: Install all your favorite Themes, Extentions and plug-ins. (Don't forget your media stuff like Flash, ect)

Step 3: Get your setting exactly how you like them. This includes About:Config info, or Fasterfox settings.

Step 4: Since this will make your settings work for anyone that installs this, don't forget to clear your bookmarks if you don't want to share them or get them right if you do.

Step 5: Now close Firefox and go to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data

There should be a directory called Mozilla here. Do NOT go into the Mozilla directory. Stay in Application Data.

Step 6: Place the install.cmd file here.

Step 7: Now use 7zip to make a new archive called Mozilla.7z.

Put the Mozilla folder and install.cmd in it.

Step 8: Create a work directory. We'll use C:\work

Step 9: Put Mozilla.7z, 7zS.sfx and config.txt in your C:\work directory.

Step 10: Your C:\work folder should now have these files in it:




Step 12: Run this command:

copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + *.7z Profiles.exe

That's it. From now on just:

1: Either run the Firefox setup with /S for silent install, OR use the Nlite Cab integration method.

2: Run your new profiles.exe file.

This even saves your browser "design". IE: If you go to View->Toolbars->Customize and re-arrange stuff, it saves that too.


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Wow... no report backs yet?

Personally I don't create a "1-file" installer for firefox because each time a new version is released you have to update it

Just run the original firefox installer with the command setup.exe -ms to silently install firefox

Then use a self-extracting file to create a default profile (all you need for a profile is a folder (in my case called default) which is created in %UserProfile%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles, and a file called profiles.ini (which is created in %UserProfile%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox and contains the following...








You can then install addons using the command

%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Progra~1\Mozill~1\Firefox.exe -install-global-extension <path to extension .xpi file>

You can also use a .reg file to carry out registry tweaks (such as setting firefox as the default browser) etc.

Using this method, when a new version of FF comes out all I have to do is download the full setup file and overwrite the existing one on my CD with it. Updating extensions is equally simple

If you're worried about size issues you can always put all of .reg files, scripts, setup files and .xpi files inside a self-extracting archive but you won't save more than a few meg so its probably not worth it

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I take it you're not used to paying attention in class?

This isn't a 1-file install. It's two. One installs Firefox. Therefore, if Firefox upgrades, you can install the newer version. The SECOND file (Which I described how to make, and which works for you regardless of what you name your account) is what installs ALL of your settings.

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This is really good, thanks.

I would just like to say that if you are concerned with privacy you should delete the bookmarkbackups folder, bookmarks.bak, bookmarks.htm, and cookies.txt in the Mozilla\Firefox folder before step number 7. You should copy the entire folder somewhere else before you do this or your bookmarks and cookies will be deleted.

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I dont care if this is digging up an old post of not. This was the best way ive seen to install firefox and all my other setting thus far.

Just wish you had a way to do this with thunderbird so i didnt have to retype all my pop/smtp junk when i reinstall

i was trying to use SOF (Silence of the Foxes) but it wasnt working with FF2.0

But this little method you have worked like a charm

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This process requires the following files:

(1) Official Firefox installation program.

(2) 7Zip installed

(3) My "install.7z" file (attached) which should contain: 7sZ.sfx; config.txt; install.cmd

Step 12: Run this command:

copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + *.7z Profiles.exe


First post here so stupid questions! :)

I understand that the forum is for people that know how to package installations but here is the deal. I've been working with computer for a lot of years, professionnaly, and I consider myself a pretty advanced user. BUT I just started to read about silent installation and stuff like that. I created a program in autoit and realized I should first check if the apps have setups that are silently installable... etc.

All that to suggest that simple comments about commands and files you talk about would have answered my question in the first place. No big deal, just my two cents. :) On the other hand if you don't mind answering I don't mind asking.

First question: Do I need to have 7 zip installed to create that and also to use/deploy it afterward or just to create it. Will profiles.exe require 7 zip or will it work on it's own??

The thing is i'm not familiar with what the sfx file is, who will read the config.txt and what the copy /b command will do to create the profiles.exe. And most importantly, how will the profiles.exe work and what it will need to work.

I'll explain quickly what I think so you know what to say to quickly put me on the right track.

copy /b will put all three files in the profiles.exe ?

when run, it will decompress the 7z file and the config.txt tells 7 zip to run the .cmd

This is interesting but i'm not familiar with using copy to create .exe file and also .sfx file and how they interact with config.txt. How it works?


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