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  1. Hi, I tried to apply what's in this forum about NAV 2006 to NAV 2007 it seems there are some differences. But I am just looking to get the application install unattended(skip setup). I would be glad to report additional things like how to get the activation done silently and how to get the live update not to show up but I'm limited when I test since I don't the own the software. I'm not able to silently activated it since I can't activate it at all. So i'm sharing what I have discovered so far in the hope that much of the information about NAV 2006 activation will still be useful. I'll have to let that testing so someone who can do further testing. Information from symantec is not recent on this topic, it's why I do trial and error and will gladly appreciate your help. The navsetup.exe (2007) that I had on cd gave fatal error when started with /qn and the setup refuses to run on the machine thereafter. Did that on 2 different winxp. I decided to work with the latest packages: http://liveupdate.symantec.com/upgrade/ if you are redirected to http://liveupdate-aka.symantec.com/upgrade/ remove -aka and type enter. first one will show up but not the second. I used the latest NAV and did one try with NIS. ( i renamed the exe) nav.exe ENABLEAUTOPROTECT=0 RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /noreboot /qn nav.exe /noreboot /qn ENABLEAUTOPROTECT=2 RUNLIVEUPDATE=2 nav.exe ENABLEAUTOPROTECT=2 RUNLIVEUPDATE=2 /noreboot /qn nav.exe /noreboot /qn nav.exe /O /qn nav.exe /qn nis.exe /qn Outcome:(I got the same outcome each time, meaning that only /qn actually do something, so far it's what I think) -Installs successfully and silently (NAV and NIS) -No reboot after install (NAV and NIS) -activation window pop up (selected trial and norton account skipped(you have to click two times before you can skip))(NAV and NIS) -liveupdate pop up after activation is skipped and closed(NAV and NIS) -program starts a scan (i cancelled it)(for NIS: no scan window, skip to next outcome) -The program window pop up(NAV and NIS) That's it and it's enough, now how to get all this not to show up? I will continue to research it, if you succeeded in installing NAV 2007 silently I would love to hear from you, what did you use? Hyksos
  2. Hi, You mean maybe it's not that useful to post that because people already know about how to perform this particular install? Well I searched for it and info was available but not for recent versions and also people were having some issues. Anyway if you can specify what you meant I'll be glad to use the input. Hyksos
  3. Hi everybody, I'm not quite sure how to use the sticky thread. How is information centralized around here? I see there is switches listing for adobe reader 8.0.0 below my post but they are not in the sticky post so why? Is everybody searching the forum all the time to find latest working information? Lastest version of Spy Sweeper according to it's Creator Webroot: Spy Sweeper 5.3 Lastest version of Spy Sweeper according to http://www.softpedia.com/ Spy Sweeper Lastest versions tested while connected to internet:[Latest] Lastest versions tested without being connected to internet:[Latest] Command line switches: sspsetup.exe /SP- /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /KC=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Outcome: this installs it without any window, won't reboot and won't ask for the the keycode on the first start because it already has it. sspsetup.exe /SP- /VERYSILENT /NORESTART Outcome: this install it without any window, won't reboot and will ask for the the keycode on the first start Should I post this somewhere else? Hyksos
  4. Hi, First post here so stupid questions! I understand that the forum is for people that know how to package installations but here is the deal. I've been working with computer for a lot of years, professionnaly, and I consider myself a pretty advanced user. BUT I just started to read about silent installation and stuff like that. I created a program in autoit and realized I should first check if the apps have setups that are silently installable... etc. All that to suggest that simple comments about commands and files you talk about would have answered my question in the first place. No big deal, just my two cents. On the other hand if you don't mind answering I don't mind asking. First question: Do I need to have 7 zip installed to create that and also to use/deploy it afterward or just to create it. Will profiles.exe require 7 zip or will it work on it's own?? The thing is i'm not familiar with what the sfx file is, who will read the config.txt and what the copy /b command will do to create the profiles.exe. And most importantly, how will the profiles.exe work and what it will need to work. I'll explain quickly what I think so you know what to say to quickly put me on the right track. copy /b will put all three files in the profiles.exe ? when run, it will decompress the 7z file and the config.txt tells 7 zip to run the .cmd This is interesting but i'm not familiar with using copy to create .exe file and also .sfx file and how they interact with config.txt. How it works? Hyksos

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