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How to Install French or German MUI Downloaded from M$!


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hey guyz

I downloaded the French and Geman MUI from Micro$ site but I don't know the MAGIC way how to install them

they aren't straight forward install and they cost me large BANDWITH to download ;)

Download Link:


Direct Links:

French MUI 93.7 MB


German MUI 85.8 MB


Some gibberish explanation (as usual with Micro$) telling me to extract the e.g. LANGFR.exe


1. Download LANGxxx.EXE

2. Extract the .exe and save to a location on your local machine.

3. Open Component Database Manager. You will find the icon for Component Database Manager on your Start menu under Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio.

4. On the Database tab, choose Import.

5. In the SLD box, type the path to the .sld file you would like to import. To browse for the file, choose the button to the right of the box.

These updated .sld files contain updated binaries and require importing new repository objects. When importing these .sld files you will need to check the box labeled Copy repository files to

repository root, and then select the destination in which to place the files that are associated with the repository object by selecting the appropriate Repository root from the drop down list. For more information on how to create repository roots, see

Defining Repository Roots in your Windows Embedded Studio product documentation. See

Importing Components into the Database for more information.

any one understand this hieroglyphic Explanation?!

plz this is a matter of Live or Death (like the Brand new album of Iron Maiden!) :):D

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Oopsi! so it's not possible to install them on Ordinary Windows XP?!

That's right.

man! that's horrible, once again Microsoft proves their SUCKIBILITY

Well, that depends on your point of view... The page you downloaded the language packs from clearly states they are for Windows Embedded, so you can't blame MS for the fact that you didn't understand that immediately. The "regular" Windows XP Multilanguage User Interface (MUI) packs are available to Volume Licensing program customers only. I suppose this is one of the benefits of having a Volume Licensing agreement.

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thanx again

the bottom line, can I get any USABLE mui for my XP?

Do you have a VLA with Microsoft? If so, yes, contact your TAM. If not, not legally. :)

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