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Powerpacker with ubcd4win and ubcd


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We can start with the UBCD4WIN 3.0 version.

Folow the tutorial (is there any?) for creating the ubcd4win and ubcd comboCD

Do not create the iso

Copy the content of the files in the output folder into a new folder

Now we will create the windows installation files

You can use nLite to edit/manipulate those files.

I then used Powerpacker to integrate driverpacks and multiple versions of the windows XP installation

Do not create the iso, but copy all the files to the same folder where you placed the comboCD files.

Do not copy the boot folder, keep the one from ubcd4win.

If you want to, you can now edit the file custom.scn and main.scn in boot\menus

I added some othere bootable img and iso files like geexbox, win98 boot disk, visopsys, reactos, menuet ,...

Some of them still have to be tested.

You can also add lots of software to that same folder, to fill up the DVD.

Now the part where I had most problems with:

Create an iso of it.

I tried lots of options with mkiso, but none of them worked, so then I tried it with cdimage, and that was the solution.

Here is the command line:

"cdimage.exe" -l"BOOTDVD" -h -n -b"I:\DVD\BOOT\loader.bin" -w1 -k -m "I:\DVD" "I:\comboDVD.iso"

where I:\DVD is the folder I stored al the files in

The iso will not work with virtual PC 2004, use 2007. Qemu works also.

I hope I did not forgot someting in this short description. I made the DVD a month ago, and my memory is not that good any more :-)

Ask questions here and I will try to help.



ps: I will update this post to by making a step by step tutiorial. But it will take some time :-)

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