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Hold out for RC3?


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RC2 is kind of leaving me with a bit of an unstable OS at the moment, i set autologon for a user accoutn I made and it autologged admin instead, I can tell the kernel is paged and I can't use unsigned themes, even witht he uxtheme multipatcher, I had trouble installing language files and some of the tweaks haven't been installed. DirectX playing up with d3ddx9_26.dll not there for some reason which Max8 requires.

So. do I hold out of RC3 or go back to 1.0.1 and remake the disc (That is if 1.0.1 supports my Last Session.ini) Hoping there'll be a new release soon as a usable OS would be lovely =P

nLite's the only program I use so please, keep upt he good work, hope the bugs are fixed soon =P

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You are 100% correct. I have also same problem with nlite. I create a user with admin option and used patched uxthem.dll file. After complating installatin no user was created and no (custom) theme is applied i restart pc but the problem remain same. It also dos't intregrate

ie7RC3 correctly. I hope new version will relised without these bugs.

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