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how do i stop 98 se asking for the disc


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make a folder on your harddrive like c:\win98

copy the contents of the win98 subfolder on your windows cd to the folder you just created.

use this program to point windows to the new folder. BanishCD

Simple as that. :)

i cant see a win98 subfolder

all win98 cab folders and drivers etc

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I know it's a bit of an old post, but we do search retrospectively. And I want to agree with hankjrfan00 and Steven W, and add stuff.

Best things I've ever done - I am talking about WIN98SE, here, where regular FDISK/FORMAT/reinstalls are common.

Get two hard disks - always - safer than partitions. Put the OS, and Program Files on the smaller drive (C: (Master IDE1)), and put all your important files on the larger (D: (Slave IDE2) (So you can boot from a CD set as Master IDE2))), along with copies of ALL your installation CDs. I'm using a 10Gig D: - tiny by modern standards, so you won't lose much space.

Name the directories/folders CDWIN98, CDOFFICE2000, CDNERO, etc. Not only will you never again have to go rummaging for the CDs, but installations are seriously faster. So much so, that when I get a new installation CD for anything, I automatically copy it straight to D:\CDXXXXX, and then install. WIN98SE itself fair blisters along, and that dreaded reinstall that used to make your heart sink when you knew you really had to do it, is no longer a problem. (Your CDs will last longer, too.)

Oh yeah. Make notes - in sequence, save them, and print out prior to the reinstall. Include which card in which slot gave probs, CDKEYS & serial numbers, and tell yourself to COPY DESKTOP, MYDOCS, ETC. TO D: BEFORE REFORMATTING 'COS YOU KEEP FORGETTING!! You will eventually correct something that went wrong during installation, but you won't remember how you solved it six months down the line.

If you're short of space, remember you don't need everything on the CD. Delete all the unnecessary language files, all the separate driver folders for ME, 2000, XP, all the instances of Adobe Acrobat and other bundled software and trialware that you never install, such as all the naff, limited album and editing programs that come with scanners and printers. Some may kick up a fuss, but enough won't. To be really careful with space, for hardware - cards, USB/parallel/com devices, all you actually need are the WIN98 drivers. Copy the drivers folder from the CDs to D:\DRIVERS, and just point to them when Windows says its found a new device -




etc. - saves a lot of clicking, too.)

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Here is how I do it.

First format your drive or partition as normal. Now you'll need a custom 98 boot disk.

Now you can make your own custom boot disk if you have a running win98 box. ME won't work as the files you need to add don't exist in ME. First, go to settings, add and remove programs, there you will see a tab for startup disk, go there, follow the instructions, and make the disk. Leave it in. Go to C: drive in my computer, go to the windows folder in there, you will find a command folder, open that. Now simply right click /send to 3-1/2 floppy A: the following files








Now for the fun. make sure you have your bios set to boot from floppy first.

Now boot from this modded bootdisk and setup with CDrom support. Next, provided you did format in FAT32 of course, from the A:\ prompt type C:

Once in C:\ type: md options and hit enter (md=Make directory)

Now type: cd options (cd=change directory) It will look like this


now type md cabs, hit enter and then type cd cabs and enter, Example: C:\OPTIONS\CABS> now just type dir (directory) and it will show you the directory and size. Now from C:\OPTIONS\CABS> type A: and enter, this will bring you back to the A prompt.

Now make sure your win98 CD is in the CDrom

If you have multiple CD DVD drives, your drive letter is going to be one letter farther down, as the ram is now considered D: so CDrom will be E:

From A:\ type xcopy32.exe e:\win98\*.*/s c:\options\cabs\ and hit enter. This will copy the entire CD to that directory. Now one little thing else I do is after copying the CD, I go back to C:\OPTIONS\CAB> and type md drivers, Switch CD's to my Drivers disk, then I go back to a and type xcopy32.exe e:\*.*/s c:\options\cabs\drivers\ which copys all my drivers to that directory That driver bit is optional, but it works great.

Anyway, now to load the OS. from the A: prompt type C:\options\cabs\setup. Now 98 will load directly out of the file on the drive, extremely fast, like 10 minutes. After its finished, I go to my computer, C drive, open the options directory, Cabs directory, and the drivers directory, and just click setup, and in about 20 seconds all your drivers will be installed and its asking to reboot, do it, and your done. Also, with ME, replace the win98 with win9x. You'll never have to insert the CD again. :D

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ME installs the cabs on the drive and that's it. After that you just need at worst to point once the dialog to the windir/options/install folder where the cabs are located.

For 98 just copy your setup folder from the CD onto the drive if you have got enough space and maybe edit the registry :





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