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integrate sil3114 driver


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Hi ppl I have been trying ot use nlite to make a lite xp..but it fails me to load the sata driver...I once made a good cd thatcould load right the drivers and that but had removed essential services :S

so anyone can tell me how can I entigrate the drivers good to make the windwos install without the floppy..

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Post a link to that driver, tell us which textmode entry you choose, which Windows and what is the actual problem.

You say once it loaded the drivers, that means you're not sure how to operate it, just ask step by step what is not clear.

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Let me try to explain....you can integrate drivers with nlite right?so when I put the drivers that I have in the floppy for sata when installing the xp pro sp2...only this drivers...and the make the cd..but in the xp installation the cd doesn't recognize my hard drive...but one day when I was attempting to make a good nlited cd I put this driver (I don't know if text mode fi pnp) and the chipset drivers..all of them (but again I don't know if the sata/ide ones were pnp or text mode) and it worked well...

Can somebody just say what drivers I must put text mode to work?

I read that link but didn't see nothing that could help me..

the driver for sil3114 is this http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/Sil3114r.exe

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I have the SiI3112, not the 3114. I looked at the drivers in the link you posted and they contain the same files with the 3114 instead of 3112 in the file names.

I put the following files in my SiI3112 Drivers Folder:








Then in nLite I add "Single Driver" selecting Si3112r.inf.

Works fine for me.

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humm I did one thing..select folder and put the sil folder...but it only contained 1 file..in textmode..then selected the chipset drivers folder and selected all xp folders..and there were a few drivers that ask me to be in txt mode..and I said ok..it booted well but in the part of copying the files it fails copying the sil3114r.sys :S

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