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Windows ME or windows XP


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-along with age, the QUALITY of the hardware can be an important factor when choosing an OS, too...


-as evidenced by my experience with two computers, one old (p3-866mhz, 384mb SDRAM, new in 2000, came w/winME but ran it soooo bad it took me 3 days right out of the box just to get the pre-loaded ME to boot properly!) w/good quality intel I815EP mobo, and one newer (p4-1.8ghz CELERON [ick!], 512mb DDR, new in 2003) w/cheapo Matsonic MS9327E+ (sis 650 chipset) mobo... -both dual-boot w98se & winxp pro sp2, but the old puter runs xp MUCH better, faster, and the newer puter seems to like win98se MUCH better than xp, no matter what I do to it/them... (probably an issue w/lousy drivers for the lousy newer mobo, altho I've spent WEEKS experimenting w/every possible driver & bios combination/tweaks/etc I could find for the dam thing :realmad: ; NEVER settle for a cheapo mobo! )


-so, I use the new(er) puter w/98se as my Primary, and the old one w/xp when I need to... kinda backwards, huh?


{---this stuff is probably obvious/given, but just mentioning...}


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