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What is X:\

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Done with RC1

Well several unsucessful attempts at trying to use this method, thank goodness for RW

Decided to look it over a bit.

Directory of X:\Sources

[.][..] actionqueue.dll

alert.gif apds.dll apircl.dll

appcompat.xsl appcompat_bidi.xsl apss.dll

arunimg.dll arunres.dll autorun.dll

cbscore.dll cbscore.mof cbsmsg.dll

cmi2migxml.dll cmiadapter.dll cmitrust.dll

cmiv2.dll cntrtextinstaller.dll compliance.ini

compres.dll csiagent.dll diager.dll

diagnostic.dll dpx.dll drupdate.dll

drvmain.sdb drvmgrtn.dll drvstore.dll

envmig.xml esscli.dll fastprox.dll

fveupg.dll globalinstallorder.xml helpcins.dll

hwcompat.dll hwcompat.txt hwexclude.txt

idwbinfo.txt idwlog.exe input.dll

lang.ini locale.nls locdrv.dll

migcore.dll mighost.exe migisol.dll

migres.dll migtestplugin.dll mlang.dll

mofd.dll mofinstall.dll mrt.exe

msdelta.dll mspatcha.dll msswch.dll

msxml6.dll msxml6r.dll mxeagent.dll

nlsbres.dll ntdsupg.dll oemhelpins.dll

offline.xml oscomps.xml osfilter.inf

pidgenx.dll pkeyconfig.xrm-ms pkgmgr.exe

pnpibs.dll product.ini readme.rtf

repdrvfs.dll rescinst.dll rollback.exe

schema.dat sdbapiu.dll segoeui.ttf

setup.exe setuposk.exe sflist2k.dat

sflistlh.dat sflistxp.dat sfpat.inf

sfpat2k.inf sfpatlh.inf sfpatxp.inf

smiengine.dll smipi.dll sperr32.exe

spflvrnt.dll spprgrss.dll spwizeng.dll

spwizimg.dll spwizres.dll sqmapi.dll

sysmain.sdb unattend.dll unbcl.dll

uninstallustlib.mof upgcompat.inf upgdriver.dll

upgloader.dll upgradeagent.dll upgradeagent.xml

upgrade_bulk.xml upgreport.dll upgwow_bulk.xml

ustlib.mof vofflps.rtf w32uiimg.dll

w32uires.dll warning.gif wbemcomn.dll

wbemcore.dll wbemprox.dll wcmtypes.xsd

wcp.dll wdsclient.dll wdsclientapi.dll

wdscore.dll wdscsl.dll wdsimage.dll

wdsutil.dll win32ui.dll winsetup.dll

wmiutils.dll wmi_tracing.mof xmllite.dll

[adprep] [dlmanifests] [en-US]

[inf] [license] [recovery]


127 File(s) 65,602,588 bytes

9 Dir(s) 32,735,232 bytes free


Volume in drive X is Boot

Volume Serial Number is D60A-0DC2

Directory of X:\

08/30/2006 01:26 AM 112,184 setup.exe

08/30/2006 01:54 AM <DIR> Program Files

08/30/2006 02:57 AM <DIR> sources

08/30/2006 01:54 AM <DIR> Users

08/30/2006 02:50 AM <DIR> Windows

1 File(s) 112,184 bytes

4 Dir(s) 32,735,232 bytes free

Looks to be a ram drive which is not helpful for installing, look it over and there's no install.wim copied to it.

After several unsucessful attempt's I finaly pointed it to the correct drive for the dvd F: and it installed.

Edited by maxXPsoft

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the 'X:\' drive is the designation used by WinPE 2.0, and can be used by the WinPE portion of setup in Vista, to designate the Ram drive in memory.

Edited by Spooky

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