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OS Detected as 2003 Server


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Im running a corperate version of Windows XP Pro X64 and alot of times my OS is detected as 2003 Server and it wont let me install certain things. I just got a new verizon cellphone and i went to connect it to my computer but i cant install WMP10 or the drivers for the phone.

how can i make this work? is there a way to change what my computer says the OS is?

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Hmm...how weird, if you go here:


It will say:

Setup detected that you are running: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

If I go back to the main page:


and click through to download the WMP11 b2, it says:

Setup detected that you are running: Windows 2003 Server

It may switch between these randomly, and once it detects x64, it allows the download. Just refresh or go back and forward and you will see at times it say one thing and at other times it says the other. :blink:

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